La personne aux deux personnes (2008), Me two

Είδος: Κωμωδία, Σκηνοθέτης: Nicolas Charlet, Bruno Lavaine, Χώρα: Γαλλία

Ρούλα: Ξεκαρδιστική, με έναν υπέροχο Daniel Auteuil.
Παύλος: Γέλιο, επιτέλους!!!

Λίγα λόγια για την ταινία (wiki): It’s the story of Gilles Gabriel, a bit of a pop star back in the eighties, who dies in a car accident caused by Jean-Christian Ranu, an uptight employee of a large corporation, whose headquarters are at La Defense just outside Paris. But Gilles is not totally dead: his spirit has landed in Jean-Christian’s head and Jean-Christian has a hard time figuring out who is suddenly talking to him. As for Gilles, he’s as boisterous as ever, but has no control over his host’s behaviour. Gilles and Jean-Christian go through various stages before accepting the obvious: they are going to have to cope with the situation, two people in one person’s body, despite their entirely different personalities. Condemned to intimacy, they learn how to get on, stretch each other’s boundaries, and surprise each other.





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