Supercondriaque (2014)

Είδος: Κωμωδία, Σκηνοθέτης: Dany Boon, Χώρα: Γαλλία

Ρούλα: Γελάς και ξανά γελάς…τις συμπαθώ πολύ τις γαλλικές κωμωδίες.
Παύλος: Επιτέλους γέλιο!

Λίγα λόγια για την ταινία (wiki): Romain Faubert is a mature man who can never hide his hypochondriasis. Romain’s fears are profitable for his doctor Dimitri Zvenka. Even so, Dimitri really wants to cure the patient who has no other friend than him. He feels that Romain’s actual problem is his loneliness rather than anything else. He subsequently helps Romain in seeking an appropriate female companion, but after a great many futile attempts, he loses hope that Romain could ever succeed. In need of an alternative, he decides to take Romain with him when he goes to an eastern European refugee camp (refugees speak, in fact, Ukrainian), where Dimitri sometimes works on behalf of a non-profit organisation. He believes the sight of people who are really suffering might bring Romain to his senses. Yet Romain finally finds the love of his life when he gets to know Dimitri’s sister who confuses him with Anton Miroslav, a certain freedom fighter. The real Anton Miroslav has stolen Romain’s ID and is hiding in the apartment of the hypochondriac.





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